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Radha Krishna

Radha Krishna: The Divine Couple

Radha Krishna are the epitome of love, devotion, and bliss. They are the supreme deities of Hinduism, worshipped by millions of devotees across the world. They are not just two separate entities, but one inseparable reality. They are the source of all creation, the manifestation of the supreme Brahman, and the embodiment of the highest spiritual perfection. Radha Krishna images and photos are a popular way of expressing one’s devotion and admiration for the divine couple. Their images depict the various pastimes and moods of the Lord and His beloved consort, such as dancing, playing, flirting, and embracing.

Radha Krishna images also portray the beauty, grace, and charm of the divine lovers, who captivate the hearts of all living beings. Radha Krishna photo and wallpaper are a great way of decorating one’s home, temple, or workplace with the divine presence of the Lord and His consort. Krishna photo and wallpaper can inspire one to remember the Lord at all times, and to cultivate a loving relationship with Him. Photos and wallpaper of krishna can also create a positive and peaceful atmosphere, and invoke the blessings of the divine couple.

Krishna Janmashtami: The Celebration of Their Birth

Radha Krishna are celebrated on many auspicious occasions throughout the year, but the most prominent ones are Radha Ashtami and Krishna Janmashtami. Radha Ashtami is the appearance day of Srimati Radharani, the eternal consort and the topmost devotee of Lord Krishna. Radha Ashtami falls on the eighth day of the bright fortnight in the month of Bhadrapada (August-September). On this day, devotees worship Radha Rani with love and devotion, and offer her various items such as flowers, fruits, sweets, and clothes. Devotees also sing and dance in her glorification, and meditate on her divine qualities.

Krishna Janmashtami is the appearance day of Lord Krishna, the supreme personality of Godhead and the master of all mystics. Krishna Janmashtami falls on the eighth day of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadrapada (August-September). On this day, followers observe a fast until midnight and then break it by offering a feast to the Lord. Also decorate their homes and temples with Krishna images, and perform various rituals such as abhisheka, arati, and kirtan. Watch the drama of Krishna’s birth and childhood pastimes, and rejoice in his divine presence.

Explore other facets of Jan Kalyan Seva Trust‘s spiritual journey on pages like Shree Dham Vrindavan and Vrindavan Ashram. These pages unfold the Trust’s commitment to spiritual teachings and humanitarian work, creating a harmonious blend of devotion and service. Radha Krishna are the ultimate goal of life for all spiritual seekers. By worshipping them with love and devotion, one can attain their eternal association in the spiritual world, where they enjoy unlimited bliss and happiness. Radha Krishna are the best friends, well-wishers, and benefactors of all living beings. They are always eager to bestow their mercy and grace upon anyone who surrenders to them.