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Vrindavan Granth
Prem Bhakti Chandrika

Prem Bhakti Chandrika, authored by Shri Narottam Das Thakur, is a timeless scripture that illuminates

Vrindavan Granth
Chandrasakhi Padaavali

Chandrasakhi Padaavali is an exquisite collection of devotional poetry written by the devout lover and

Vrindavan Granth
Shri Swaminiji Prayer

The Shri Swaminiji Prayer is a beautiful invocation penned by Shri Vitthal Nathji, comprising six

Vrindavan Granth
Nikunj Ras Vallari

Nikunj Ras Vallari is a poetic masterpiece composed by Shri Hit Gopal Das. Throughout his

Vrindavan Granth
Shri Radha Stotra

Shri Radha Stotra is a devotional hymn written by Shri Vanshi Ali Ji, dedicated to

Vrindavan Granth
Shri Siddheshwar Tantra

Shri Siddheshwar Tantra is a significant spiritual text that holds importance in the realm of

Vrindavan Granth
Sva Sankalpa Prakasha Stotram

The Sva Sankalpa Prakasha Stotram is a devotional hymn penned by Shri Raghunath Das Goswami,

Vrindavan Granth

Chahaveli is a literary work authored by Shri Priyadas Ji, wherein he beautifully describes the

Vrindavan Granth
Bhavana Pachchisi

Bhavana Pachchisi is a devotional text composed by the revered saint Shri Chandralal Goswami of

Vrindavan Granth
Hriday Sarvasva

Hriday Sarvasva is a literary work penned by Shri Vanshi Ali Ji, wherein he encapsulates

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